sailors we be
the stars above beckon
in the dark sea

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My e-book, Silver Morning Song, is free on Amazon this weekend, Nov 22-26th, so if you enjoy reading inspiring poems and short stories, do pick up your copy.

Here’s the book blurb:

“Silver Morning Song is a celebration of the delightful world around us, together with stories of the foibles and complexities of the creatures that occupy it. Here you will find accounts of folks facing decisions, rumors, health issues, temptations, anger, envy — and you’ll see the wisdom granted to help them find their way to a solution.

Through parables and short stories, in a voice sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, the writer shares valuable insights into human nature and Christian living, interspersed with poetic descriptions of the natural world and the changing seasons.”

Haiku Challenge

First of all I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been following this blog, and welcome those who have just started. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been learning more about writing haiku in the interval. I hope you’ll enjoy the verse I’m going to be posting in the coming days.

I’ll start off with a writing challenge and welcome your responses.

If I have it right, the forerunner of modern day haiku, hokku or haikai, was sometimes given as a writing challenge or even used as a party game. Someone would supply the first two lines and another poet would come up with the last line to complete the verse.

So here are my first two lines:

the neighbours’ hummers
at our feeder…

Here are two possible endings. Which do you like better?
Or how would you finish this verse?

the neighbours’ hummers
at our feeder
won’t share

the neighbours’ hummers
at our feeder
what humanity!

For more on the subject of our hummingbirds, CLICK HERE.


NaNoWriMo tale
dazzles my mind all day
such bright ideas


loves won, wars fought
a million villains challenge
November writers


I’m spinning out my children’s story, thankful for those bright ideas peculating in my brain. I’ve made it to 37k words now, so can relax and remember I have a house to clean and blogs wanting new posts.

For any of you who are also doing NaNoWriMo, you’ll know what a challenge it is to get your characters in and out of a stew while your daily “To-do list” goes to pot. 🙂  To everyone who’s following this blog, a big “Thank You” for your patience while I nail my Fifty-thousand words award. 🙂

One More Look

again the silly crow
flies over the puddle
oh, vanity!


SkunkPersonal Note:

My 100-word fiction tale, A Friend Drops By, was published on The Drabble e-zine yesterday. Lovers of nature will enjoy this humorous tale. Click here to read.


Note to Ron E:
I’ve sent you several e-mails; the last one came back “Undeliverable.” Maybe you can contact me at and we can get back on track again.


bleached white flour
insects fallen in the bin
well preserved


Last night I checked out an online haiku journal
I’ve never seen before: Prune Juice Journal
I discovered there are other senryu writers out there
who possess the same weird sense of humor as me.
And I felt inspired to write a few verses.
Please bear with me, dear pun-averse friends.