Losing It

Post # 251 — Half way to 500!

I’m going away
no one knows yet, she whispers
journeys of the mind

we’re praying she stays put
lest she lose her body, too


When the mind starts slipping a cog:

My time was somewhat occupied yesterday with concerns for an elderly relative who seemed determined to take an 8-hour bus trip, leaving today. I received several phone calls at work and later at home from those who are trying to keep her stable and out of harm’s way; finally it all got sorted out.

Thankfully in mid-afternoon she remembered this trip is to happen May 20th instead. We who care about her are worried enough about how she will manage it then, all on her own. Never mind if she suddenly takes the notion to go ahead of time, when no one at the other end is prepared to receive her, and calls a taxi to take her to the Bus Depot.

This morning, wondering what poem I should post today that would reflect on real life, I decided to share this episode in the form of a tanka.