can an old tree
sprout tender shoots
can winter-dead branches
bud spring-green leaves,
an ex-poet a new verse?

I’m hoping the answer is “Yes.”

Chemo-therapy is behind me now (an April to September ordeal) and I’ve been in the dark depths of exhaustion and depression during these last few weeks. Thanks be, it feels like I’m coming up for air again and seeing a brighter day ahead. And I’ve missed this little corner of my creative life, so want to start posting a verse a day on this blog again.

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. Welcome to those of you who have recently started following me — trusting there would be something posted — and my thanks to those of you who are still following. I will begin in faith and see how things go.

Today’s verse:

small courtesies
brighten weary old souls
sunshine on frosted panes

Pity Party Bliss

she adores violins
tales of woe and heartaches past
pity party bliss

I’ll dedicate this to a former coworker who always seemed pleased if she had some bad news to relate, like if a family member snubbed her or a coworker was having problems. One day in late October I listened to her telling various customers that it was going to storm, we were going to get a heap of snow, and the weather would be miserable all winter. All proclaimed with great delight. Go figure.)

Winter Pulls a Fast One

such a cruel hoax
a late spring snowfall
blanching the flowers


A heavy, wet snow started falling yesterday morning; by evening the ground was covered. It continued to snow most of the night; this morning everything colorful is buried under a thick blanket of white.

The poor robins will go hungry today. It’s a degree below freezing at present, so worms will be snuggled deep in their burrows and all the flying insects will be frozen stiff.