Hiking Trail Sounds

The newest post at Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation’s blog, came out this morning. Poet Kathy Munro has been doing a series called A Sense of Place. Each week a different sense is explored. This week the place is hiking trail and the sense is hearing.
Click here to read the haiku verses submitted.

I wrote a number of verses on this subject and am pleased to say one of them has been published. The others I will post on this blog, two by two. Hope you enjoy them.

Waskesiu Lake trail
northern lights sizzle
across the heavens

NOTE: Waskesiu Lake is located in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. The name means “red deer,” or elk, in the Cree language.

woodland melody
a screaming jay
protests our intrusion

Not every sound you hear in the woods is welcoming and pleasing. 🙂




Winter Pulls a Fast One

such a cruel hoax
a late spring snowfall
blanching the flowers


A heavy, wet snow started falling yesterday morning; by evening the ground was covered. It continued to snow most of the night; this morning everything colorful is buried under a thick blanket of white.

The poor robins will go hungry today. It’s a degree below freezing at present, so worms will be snuggled deep in their burrows and all the flying insects will be frozen stiff.