The Daily Spin

Hello dear readers and followers.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, but the hands on life’s clock have been spinning out of control for me lately. Not that anything drastic has happened; I’m just playing catch up around home after long hours of working on someone else’s book, and then my own.

Seasons of Gold was published for a few hours March 29th, until I got a good look at it online and saw that the images I included were messing up the book. Looked okay in the Previewer, but it wasn’t! So over the past week I’ve redone the whole thing and uploaded it to Kindle; the file looks good so I’ve just hit PUBLISH. Feels good!

daily kaleidoscope
constant shifting of patterns
keeps me spinning

Sadly, I’m can’t see myself finding the time to keep up with this blog, so for this spring and summer season I’m going to have WordPress beam this site over to my main one, Christine’s Collection, and publish all my haiku poems there. If you aren’t already visiting and/or following to that blog, I do hope you will.

To pop over and check it out, click on this link:


the wild wind twists
the tree tops above
our necks get sore


You may have noticed that the address of my blog has changed: I bought an upgrade package from WordPress and this is now, so hopefully you won’t be seeing any more ads on this site. 🙂

But now that I have the upgrade, I’d better start posting here again. I’ve been feeling swamped this past while with work and all the other tasks life brings, but I’ll try to post more faithfully.

I’d like to say a hearty welcome to Tree Top Haiku’s new subscribers. There are lots of verses in my Archives, whenever you feel like having a look through.

A Haiku Writing Prompt

Greetings to all readers of this blog post!

Today I thought I’d do something a little different: I’m going to throw out a two-word phrase and invite you to do a haiku using one or both of these words. Just leave your haiku as a comment below.

I opened my thesaurus and the phrase at the top of the page was KEYSTONE. So here”s my challenge: use KEY and/or STONE in a haiku? Anyone game to give it a try?

I’ll start off with this one:

the jailer’s keys
a symphony of regret
in the prisoner’s heart


Word of the Day Prompt: SYMPHONY

Haiku Challenge

First of all I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been following this blog, and welcome those who have just started. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been learning more about writing haiku in the interval. I hope you’ll enjoy the verse I’m going to be posting in the coming days.

I’ll start off with a writing challenge and welcome your responses.

If I have it right, the forerunner of modern day haiku, hokku or haikai, was sometimes given as a writing challenge or even used as a party game. Someone would supply the first two lines and another poet would come up with the last line to complete the verse.

So here are my first two lines:

the neighbours’ hummers
at our feeder…

Here are two possible endings. Which do you like better?
Or how would you finish this verse?

the neighbours’ hummers
at our feeder
won’t share

the neighbours’ hummers
at our feeder
what humanity!

For more on the subject of our hummingbirds, CLICK HERE.


can an old tree
sprout tender shoots
can winter-dead branches
bud spring-green leaves,
an ex-poet a new verse?

I’m hoping the answer is “Yes.”

Chemo-therapy is behind me now (an April to September ordeal) and I’ve been in the dark depths of exhaustion and depression during these last few weeks. Thanks be, it feels like I’m coming up for air again and seeing a brighter day ahead. And I’ve missed this little corner of my creative life, so want to start posting a verse a day on this blog again.

Happy New Year to everyone reading this. Welcome to those of you who have recently started following me — trusting there would be something posted — and my thanks to those of you who are still following. I will begin in faith and see how things go.

Today’s verse:

small courtesies
brighten weary old souls
sunshine on frosted panes


dandelion seeds
platoons of paratroopers
storming my lawn


Hello Readers & fellow bloggers

I’m taking a short break from blogging while I play catch-up with other things, so you may not be hearing much from me in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll do a few reblogs for you to enjoy.