The Daily Spin

Hello dear readers and followers.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, but the hands on life’s clock have been spinning out of control for me lately. Not that anything drastic has happened; I’m just playing catch up around home after long hours of working on someone else’s book, and then my own.

Seasons of Gold was published for a few hours March 29th, until I got a good look at it online and saw that the images I included were messing up the book. Looked okay in the Previewer, but it wasn’t! So over the past week I’ve redone the whole thing and uploaded it to Kindle; the file looks good so I’ve just hit PUBLISH. Feels good!

daily kaleidoscope
constant shifting of patterns
keeps me spinning

Sadly, I’m can’t see myself finding the time to keep up with this blog, so for this spring and summer season I’m going to have WordPress beam this site over to my main one, Christine’s Collection, and publish all my haiku poems there. If you aren’t already visiting and/or following to that blog, I do hope you will.

To pop over and check it out, click on this link: