mine steam creeps
like a grey caterpillar
across the sky

(Driving to the city yesterday we passed two potash mines pouring out steam. At -20 C this steam quickly freezes into a billowy white trail, and a high pressure system keeps this in a long white line close to the earth. Seeing this made me think of a caterpillar. 🙂 )



These poems were written as a response to the current PLACE at Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation’s blog. The theme this week is HIKING TRAIL. Click here to read the verses chosen.

Rocky Mountain hike
glacier waters streaming
beside our path

sitting down to hear
myself discussed in detail
by the yellow-throats*

*small bright yellow warblers with black masks, lively and very curious
An experience I had one day on a trail through the woods. Dozens gathered on the nearby shrubs to analyze and comment on some aspect of me. 🙂