he’s on the phone
begging her to listen
I shouldn’t eavesdrop

My mind goes back to one dark night when I was in my teens, observing a young man having an earnest conversation with his significant other, wondering how the story would end.


Her Editor’s Hat

This past month I have been occupied with getting a book published on Amazon, both a print and an e-book version. I did this on behalf of the originator of the story, who didn’t have a clue how to go about self-publishing. Though I did my own book a couple of years back, I’ve had to relearn the process to get this done.

‘The book, the tale of two young teen British boys who go on an allegorical journey, is now live on Amazon — check it out! — and it’s time I got back to doing regular posts on my blogs again.

Editors hat.haiku


Hari & Rudi front cover.mini