sailors we be
the stars above beckon
in the dark sea

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My e-book, Silver Morning Song, is free on Amazon this weekend, Nov 22-26th, so if you enjoy reading inspiring poems and short stories, do pick up your copy.

Here’s the book blurb:

“Silver Morning Song is a celebration of the delightful world around us, together with stories of the foibles and complexities of the creatures that occupy it. Here you will find accounts of folks facing decisions, rumors, health issues, temptations, anger, envy — and you’ll see the wisdom granted to help them find their way to a solution.

Through parables and short stories, in a voice sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, the writer shares valuable insights into human nature and Christian living, interspersed with poetic descriptions of the natural world and the changing seasons.”


the wild wind twists
the tree tops above
our necks get sore


You may have noticed that the address of my blog has changed: I bought an upgrade package from WordPress and this is now, so hopefully you won’t be seeing any more ads on this site. 🙂

But now that I have the upgrade, I’d better start posting here again. I’ve been feeling swamped this past while with work and all the other tasks life brings, but I’ll try to post more faithfully.

I’d like to say a hearty welcome to Tree Top Haiku’s new subscribers. There are lots of verses in my Archives, whenever you feel like having a look through.


These poems were written as a response to the current PLACE at Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation’s blog. The theme this week is HIKING TRAIL. Click here to read the verses chosen.

Rocky Mountain hike
glacier waters streaming
beside our path

sitting down to hear
myself discussed in detail
by the yellow-throats*

*small bright yellow warblers with black masks, lively and very curious
An experience I had one day on a trail through the woods. Dozens gathered on the nearby shrubs to analyze and comment on some aspect of me. 🙂

Hiking Trail Sounds

The newest post at Troutswirl, the Haiku Foundation’s blog, came out this morning. Poet Kathy Munro has been doing a series called A Sense of Place. Each week a different sense is explored. This week the place is hiking trail and the sense is hearing.
Click here to read the haiku verses submitted.

I wrote a number of verses on this subject and am pleased to say one of them has been published. The others I will post on this blog, two by two. Hope you enjoy them.

Waskesiu Lake trail
northern lights sizzle
across the heavens

NOTE: Waskesiu Lake is located in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. The name means “red deer,” or elk, in the Cree language.

woodland melody
a screaming jay
protests our intrusion

Not every sound you hear in the woods is welcoming and pleasing. 🙂