Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I created this as a private blog — cloud storage for my writings — but decided to open it for sharing my haiku musings with the world. I’ve been writing haiku for about two years now and enjoy the challenge of it.

A bit about me:
I’m Christine; my husband and I live in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada, southwest of Saskatoon. Our home’s on an acreage with a little woods on one side and a natural wetland or slough on the other – and we aren’t far from the South Sask. River — so this is a nature lover’s, bird-watcher’s dream! We also have three cats that inspire me with the occasional haiku, too.

I’m a homemaker, mother, grandma, poet, writer and blogger.  My husband, Bob, is a bookkeeper and blogs, too. His blogs are more about spiritual and doctrinal questions, where my main blog is a mixture and my poetry blog contains all kinds of short poems and anecdotes. I am in the process of publishing a book of poems and short parable-type stories right now; I’m hoping to soon hold the first copy in my hands. Exciting!

Thanks for stopping by my blog — and “WELCOME” to new followers.  I hope you’ll enjoy and be encouraged by the items posted here and feel free to comment on any of them.


My blogs may morph in time, but at present here are the details:
My main blog (articles, opinions, short stories): christineevelynvance.wordpress.com
My poetry, quotes, and nature notes blog:  swallowinthewind.wordpress.com
Devotional thoughts for women: christinegoodnough.wordpress.com


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