2 thoughts on “If

  1. Lovely! My daughter Shannon is 40 years old and she and I have probably shared fewer than three or four snows together, all of them when she was five or six years old. Of course, snow in Texas is vanishinglly rare. In my seventy-four years, I have experienced the wonder of the quietness that blankets the earth with a good 4-5 inches of snow probably six or seven times. Now that we are in Elkhart, we expect that much snow here in the next month or two! I love it more than I could have ever known. *smile*
    Thank you for reminding me of its exquisite miracle.

    Ron — Loving the glory of God in one of the most beautiful places on earth


  2. Thanks for your comment. I remember times when I went out and played in the snow with my daughter — sad to say they were all too few. But now I can make up for it with my grandchildren.
    This is the origin of that saying, “If I’d known how much fun grandchildren are, I’d have had them first. 🙂 (Dear readers, borrow some if your own don’t live nearby.)


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