One Mouse

one mouse
caught between two cats
ah, life is cruel

The Story of a Haiku:

We were both sitting here in the office last night
when our black Angus cat slipped into the house
through a secret passage among the bathroom pipes
bringing with him his newest toy, and joined us
for a rousing bit of fun, since the toy was alive.
We both rose out of our chairs as he dropped
his wiggling toy, who immediately sought refuge
among the piles of paper this bookkeeper keeps.

This scurrying toy intrigued Panda, our other cat
who joined in this playful game of Catch the Mouse.
I said, like dear Queen Vic, “we are not amused!”
as dear hubby and I both roused out of our chairs
And the chase was on. Said mouse was captured,
evicted to the outdoors — where Pookie was waiting.
Angus joined him; the poor mouse never had a chance.
Yes, life is cruel at the bottom of the food chain.

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