8 thoughts on “Washroom Gossip #2

  1. Sorry but I’m a complete moron when it comes to politics. I consider my vote wasted if I “use” it, which I rarely do. It doesn’t matter who I vote for, they will turn out to be a disappointment, I agree with Will Rogers who said famously, “That party which is in power is the party doing the country the most harm!”



      • Hmmm…no, this post is the one I intended to reply to. Instead of guessing at some political connection either to Jim Brady, crippled by Hinckley in his Reagan assassination attempt years ago, I should have said what I say now:

        Chris, I don’t have a clue what this one means. Help me out a bit?



      • Sorry, Ron. Never heard of Jim Brady. It’s just a name I picked out of a dozen that came to mind. This is post is washroom gossip, like a lot of other gossip one hears amongst young women, questioning the paternity of a certain child because of a rumored liaison some time ago.

        (Like my Auntie, who took a job as housekeeper for a local bachelor-farmer to earn her and Uncle Grouch a bit more income. As the family all knew, Uncle Grouch was notably lazy and a poor provider. A year later she had a son — and the genetics were so obvious. The talk was discreet, but we all knew. It was even more obvious when that farmer died and left his whole farm to Auntie’s son.)


      • Thanks Chris, but please see my comment about using proper nouns for people your reader doesn’t know. Just not good haiku form. 🙂


  2. Forgot to mention: In haiku, unless the reader KNOWS with no ambiguity who is referred to by a proper noun (Brady), it is better not to use it in favor of something like this:

    The boy’s her son but
    we wonder who’s his father
    zip up those genes



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