5 thoughts on “Funeral March

  1. While we are dealing with matters profound, it occurs to me to ask if the fire ants have made it to your neck of the woods? We have two rather grandiose fire ant mounds which I’ve been treating with an expensive fire ant Killer we had left over from last year. Shake a small amount on the mound and you’ll kill the entire mound, Queen and all.

    Before you rush out to buy some of this magic potion, you should know that the internet is just FULL of testimonies from the “faithful” that powdered grits work a million times better for practically no cost at all. Seriously. On a sidenote, an unnamed haiku poet once sat down on a fire ant mound as he was about to trim some weeds next to the fence. He says it’s not something he would do again!

    Just thought you should know!


    • Sorry I never got around to answering this, Ron. No, we don’t have fire ants. They seem to stay south of the Mason-Dixon line. 🙂 Never heard of any in Kansas when we visited there, either. We don’t have grits, either–powdered or not.

      That poor haiku poet. I wonder if Basho ever dealt with a situation like that. Would make a great haiku, I’m sure. 🙂


      • I doubt that they have fire ants in Japan either but I know they have “fire water”! I recently decided to try a sip of “Haiku Sake” ( a real Brand Name) and promptly poured a brand new bottle (less one sip) down the drain! YUKKKKKO!!



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