3 thoughts on “THE GRAPEVINE BED — 05022014-2

  1. How thrilled I am that you would choose this pair of haiku for your first reblog. They have been sentimental favorites of mine since they were first written. Sadly, the old oak tree is no longer there, having been chopped down when a housing development came in and did their predictable best to name all the streets after the trees they bulldozed to the ground. But they will never bulldoze the memories of Monte, James, and me passing the long summer days in a grapevine bed thirty feet above the cares of the world.

    Thank you so much for selecting this one to share with your readers!




      • Oh! I’m sorry. I failed to make myself clear. There was never a tree house in the old oak tree…just a “matted bed of grapevine.” I suppose I will always see it as it was the last time I climbed down from the tree…but what a blessing that we do not know in advance when the last of most things will be.



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