2 thoughts on “Village Lights

  1. Even more excellent than usual! If I changed anything, it would be to delete the first word (to) in L1. An em dash after “night” would be nice, too While I’m having such a good time, how about “shimmer” in place of “twinkle”? “Twinkle” is just associated too much with the nursery rhyme IMHO.

    But what do I know!



    • Good points & thanks for your comment. I posted this awhile ago, scheduled for today, but I remember debating that “twinkle” versus gleam, sparkle, glimmer, etc. On both points you’re probably right.
      I see you’ve posted a bunch of poems, too. I’m only beginning to catch up with my e-mails; have been sick for two days now. If you like, you can read about this today at http://christinegoodnough.com


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