8 thoughts on “Haiku Jigsaw

    • You can rest easy, Ron. I would never expect you to cure my haiku-ing bug, when you are so smitten with it yourself. We’ll just have to keep on chopping syllables, enjoying the time we have left as best we can. 🙂


      • Hmmmm…I was referring to your penchant for bad puns and wordplay…as in “fitting pursuit.” The title “Haiku Jigsaw” and the “fitting pursuit” seemed intended as a pun (“fitting” the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together) Did I miss something? Cure your haiku-ing bug? HARDLY! 🙂


  1. That would work! I love limericks and used to compose one for anyone at work who was having a birthday. Unfortunately, none of them exist today (or is it fortunately?!). Most of them were somewhat bawdy as a “good” limerick usually is! But all of this limerick stuff was years ago…today I’m just the pious little old haiku poet! Yeah, right! *hehehehehe*


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