5 thoughts on “Shoeing the Cat

  1. *hehehe* I can see the picture…but a shoe horn?? Aren’t they kinda small for the job? Must be some larger sizes I don’t know anything about. 🙂


    • This one had a long handle — it was maybe two feet in length — to accommodate seniors with mobility issues (i.e., who couldn’t bend over.) And Grandma was only 4’6″ so when she had the shoe horn in her hand it reached the cat. And the cat, in turn, loved to go behind Mom’s bedroom door where she couldn’t get at it very well. If the cat really wanted excitement it would jump up on Mom’s dresser and Mom would holler, “Chris! Come get this cat. Chris!”


      • HAHAHAHA!! Oh, that’s classic! I really love this one!! I thought surely there must be shoe horns longer than the shoe horns for men’s shoes…just couldn’t see chasing a cat around with something no longer than a pencil. *hehe* (Guess you’ve seen the blog’s title change by now. No biggie I guess, but I’m still excited by it!) You getting around ok now after your falls? Hope so!



      • That cat was Siamese and seemed to know just how to push Mom’s buttons. 🙂
        Yes, I’m getting around very well. My knee is almost healed up, but I have to be careful if I kneel down on it. Bob had cataract surgery today, so we were in the city for seven hours.


  2. Tell Bob I wish him well with the results of his cataract surgery. I assume he had only one eye operated on today even if he needs the surgery on both eyes. When I had my cataract surgery, they did one eye the latter part of one year and the next eye in the opening months of the following year. The surgery was a snap but the eyedrops (3 or 4 different kinds) that Claudia had to put in my eye several times a day was a royal pane in the window, if you know what I mean! I had them put in far-sighted lenses in both eyes, whereas I had always been near-sighted. I chose that option so that I could drive without glasses, but now I have to wear “readers” for every activity EXCEPT driving. I have “readers” in every room of the house and find that whole scene terribly frustrating. If I had it to do over, I would choose near-sighted lenses and use regular single-vision glasses for driving. My amateur astronomy hobby is another problematical situation, but I can use special lenses on the eyepiece holder of the telescope and still bring near and far objects to a focus w/o any real problem…I think! The weather has been lousy for observing to the point where I rarely get the telescope out. *sigh* Sorry for the “pity party”…and I hope and pray Bob’s results are better than mine.

    Write (email) when you can,




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