3 thoughts on “Street Waifs

  1. So cute and lighthearted……..BUT…….it reminds me that the grackles will be returning by the tens of thousands in every town and city of Texas. Their numbers grow exponentially every year and they are a “protected species.” (Why I will never know!) The city of Fort Worth spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to rid their world famous downtown water gardens of the filthy nuisances…somewhat of a success…but they are returning! It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!


    P. S. You may wish to consider “CreateSpace” as an economical means to publish your book. Read what Paul Lenzi has to say about them here:


    Paul is an excellent poet who has used “CreateSpace” and is VERY satisfied! I may use them myself later this year! (shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!)


    • We have grackles here, too, or at least blackbirds that look much like them. And cowbirds. This are not among my favorites, either.

      I could use CreateSpace, but first (not being a US citizen) I have to get a US business license which involves getting a Canadian passport which Uncle Sam requires as one piece of ID to get the license. (Read: time & money) So I just haven’t pursued that avenue yet, though I’m aware of it.


  2. Christine, I may not understand all I think I do about this subject, but the link below seems to give you all the leeway in the world. Read all the Wiki links on “do I have to be a U S Citizen” and “CreateSpace.” Meanwhile I’ll keep researching.



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