5 thoughts on “Amber Durum

  1. VERY LOVELY! The jux of waves of wheat and waves of water is nicely done!! Oh, this the first poem I’ve read today (2 hours) that I think I understand! *** 🙂 ***



    • Glad you liked the comparison. As you will know, watching a “sea” of grain — especially bearded wheat or barely — waving in the wind reminds one a lot of rippling waves.
      At present I’m reading “Haiku Before Haiku — From the Renga Masters to Basho.” Of course I’m inspired, writing, and posting a bunch more poems these past few days. Filling up the April schedule. Hopefully getting more of a handle on this form or art. 🙂


      • It sounds very much like a special soul in Canada is tiptoeing toward publication! May I go with you!

        Ron — sharing the dream…*grin*


  2. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to leave a reply. We were busy with doctor’s appointments most of the day with more to come in early April. Will try to email you tomorrow…no promises…now to bed…wiped out.



    • Ah… Sorry to hear about the added stress. Hope you have a good rest. At this stage we hope and pray for a cheerful, sunny day in spite of the fact that we will probably feel achy and/or rotten all over.

      Bob and I talked today about the publication of Silver Morning song, but he how and where (and wherewithal $) still escapes us. Maybe blogging it is the best at this point.


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