5 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. Very powerful, Christine!

    I am reminded of a hymn we used to sing 40-50 years ago…it has dropped out of all the hymnals I’m familiar with…probably because a life on the sea is no longer meaningful to most people. Are you familiar with this hymn?



  2. I’m very familiar with this one, as we still sing those old hymns in our services. We’re not much into the new, modern choruses, especially for Sunday morning worship — and we find when we sing in nursing homes that a lot of older folks like the old familiar hymns as well.


  3. I think I would feel very much at home in your worship services. The so-called guitar- and drum-laden moderm services, catering to the fuzzy-lipped generation is like worshiping in a rock concert. *sigh*


  4. Thanks, Christine. We appreciate that. Anything in the Fort Worth area would be great. Dallas — no, I don’t think so. Another topic: Have been reading Bob’s blog and find it VERY well written and discovered some interesting synchronicity I’ll share with you in an email!



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