5 thoughts on “Will the Earth Notice?

  1. Not likely! Another generation comes…another generation goes, each repeating the mistakes of their fathers. Where is Alexander the Great when we need him most! Not!

    A sobering haiku…and sooo true.


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    • Ah, remember when we were young and convinced that our generation could fix the world? Down with hate; up with love, etc. We didn’t understand that it takes more than promoting ideals to move this old earth that has seen so many others come and go, as you’ve said.

      We saw ourselves as so enlightened and didn’t understand the darkness in our own hearts — until somebody made us good and mad. (Can you tell I’m feeling philosophical this afternoon?) 🙂


      • Yes…but philosophical in a good way — mellow, laid back, reflective. Oh that everyone would be more philosophical and less prone to find fault and become angry. Darn..now you got me doing it! But I need a pipe to do the reflective bit properly! I’ve never smoked anything — cigarettes, cigars…and certainly not pipes. But I suppose it’s not too late to start. Then I’ll have to get a nice robe so I’ll have that Hugh Hefner look! *g*


  2. Pipe & robe & Hugh Hefner look?? Sounds like you’ve become a real capitalist over the years. Remember how we used to scorn the capitalist “establishment” back in the 60s? (Or maybe you were already into making money when that movement came along?)

    Interesting how some of the singers and bands who preached the “anti-greed, anti-war, pro-love” gospel back then became quite the capitalists themselves and are millionaires today..


    • Well, you kinda missed your guess on that one. NO ONE who knew me would ever call me a capitalist. Daddy was a carpenter, worked hard, never had an extra penny, didn’t even like money and that’s the way I am and always have been. Got a good “job” in Technical Publications at General Dynamics (we made the F-16) worked there nearly 30 years, retired with a decent pension, stocks and bonds and money in the bank but I wasn’t a capitalist by any stretch of the imagination.. Nor did I march against the Vietnam War…had nothing in common with the bearded freaks who fancied themselves intellectuals but didn’t even know the history of our country. 🙂


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