5 thoughts on “Hyacinths

  1. Lovely, Christine! Just lovely!

    My own take would be:

    Of all the greetings
    Cynthia gets, she hates the most…
    “Hiya, Cynth!”

    (Sorry, the debbil made me do it!”



    • Thanks for your kind words, Ron. I actually think this haiku is so ordinary — though hyacinths are indeed lovely.
      Perhaps you’ve been hanging out here with me too long; your puns are starting to sound like mine. I.e., “verse & verse.” 🙂


      • I have failed to teach haiku at all if I have failed to teach the soul of haiku — verse written about ordinary things in an ordinary way using ordinary language. I fail at that point routinely when I begin to write western style POETRY instead of eastern style haiku. Oh, what a world of difference.

        This haiku…Basho would have loved!!!!! As I do!


  2. Even in jest, the term “Master” applied to this glorified beginner is beyond all my deserving.

    Peace, Love, and Joy!

    Ron – Your Friend


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