5 thoughts on “Full Moon Doings

  1. *hehehehehehe* LEAVE IT TO CHRISTINE!!! (Mine will be published at 11:00 pm (cst) — it is six haiku entitled as a group “HAIKU SEXTET.” Nothing very funny this time…just playing it straight. Feels weird!!


  2. Rain, sleet, and snow here (what we call a “wintry mix) — One of my haiku you will recognize from this reply! Not gonna be any moon watching here! Think I’ll post my stuff and go to bed although the moon isn’t scheduled to rise here until 12.00 Central (1:00 Eastern)


      • Actually, I’m glad for the crappola weather! I don’t need to see the Moon anyway. I’ve seen it a bazillion times as an amateur astronomer, and it just makes it impossible to observe the good stuff ( galaxies, nebulae of all types, open clusters, globular clusters etc.). Many amateur astronomers when they attend “star parties” wear T-shirts that say “NUKE THE MOON!” Earth would be in BIG trouble if that happened, but I DO empathize with the sentiment! 🙂


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