One Last Croak

This post is for those who would prefer a pure limerick.
(Warning: facial tissues alert)

Alas, Poor Frog!

A pond frog stares up at the skies
nothing falls but dust in his eyes
the drought was historic;
the pond was rhetoric;
he gives one last croak and he dies

5 thoughts on “One Last Croak

  1. Oooooh! That is so bad! Someone else can bring the tissue…I’ll bring clothespins! The very thought of rhyming “historic” and “rhetoric” gives me the heebie-jeebies! Yes, I know it’s a “visual rhyme” for humorous effect…but STILL…!!! But you get a B+ for effort in my book!



  2. Uhhhh…how about “paregoric” — a damnably foul tasting cough syrup of the ’50’s? Not sure about the spelling or if it’s still made but I doubt it. Seems like I remember it had opium as one of the ingredients! I’ll Google it to see for sure! 🙂


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